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Democratic Alliance (DA) statement: DA Welcomes the resignation of Masilonyana Mayor by DA Councillor Masilonyana – Marieta Visser

The DA in Masilonyana Local Municipality welcomes the resignation of Mayor Nontsizi Moshana. During her tenure as Mayor she failed the Masilonyana community in the following ways:

Masilonyana was placed under Administration in April 2017. Council did not receive a single report from the Administrator, was never informed about the Terms of Reference, whether Key Objectives are achieved, or whether key competent personnel were appointed;

No Auditor-General (AG) report, Audit Committee report or Annual Financial Statements for 2016/2017 served before Council or the Executive Committee;

Council resolved to install prepaid electricity early in 2017, but it is still not implemented;

The billing system is as broken as it was with the previous budget, and the disputes by consumers made it virtually impossible to enforce any debt collection during the past financial year;

Projects are not completed, except for one landfill site. This has a dampening effect on any future projects;

The Valuation Roll remains a bone of contention, surviving one budget after the other, while it does not bring in the revenue; and

The incomplete and deficient Indigent Register rolls over from one budget to the next, without any consequences for the officials responsible, but with huge consequences for the municipality and the Equitable Share Grant.

The DA opposed the Budget for 2018 /2019 tabled in the absence of the mayor.

The 63 000 residents of Masilonyana, often deprived of the most basic of services like water, deserve better. The DA has reported the Masilonyana Municipality to the South African Human Rights Commission for failing to offer the community with clean and safe water.

The DA calls on the ANC to ensure that Moshana be replaced with a competent individual, as opposed to a willing cadre from the faction of the month.

The DA is committed to bringing Change to the Free State that will bring order and accountability.

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