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City of Cape Town statement: The City advises of pressure management in the Kenridge area

The City advises of pressure management in the Kenridge area

In response to the worst drought in the city’s history, the City’s Water and Sanitation Department continues the roll-out of pressure management technology to various parts of the water supply network. We thank residents for their cooperation in reducing water consumption thus far and regret any inconvenience this will cause. Read more below:

Pressure management work is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 6 June 2018 from 20:00 to 02:00 in the Kenridge area. This area is bounded by Eversdal Road to the north, Mountain View Road to the east, Tygervalley Road to the west and Bill Bezuidenhout Avenue to the south.

The City of Cape Town has identified many areas across the city where the installation of pressure management technology could positively impact water consumption. Contractors have been brought in to speed up the programme. Not only does pressure management generally lower consumption by reducing the rate at which water flows to properties, it also reduces leaks and pipe bursts by better ensuring that pressure remains within levels that the pipework can tolerate, and reduces the rate of loss from leaks and bursts.

Other areas will be informed of supply disruptions in due course.

Please store only up to 10 litres of water for essential usage if required. However, residents living in the affected areas are urged not to stockpile large volumes of municipal water. This is because if there are any significant service interruptions, they are not expected to be in effect for long periods.

Please also keep taps closed to prevent water damage in the event of water being restored after a disruption.

At all times careful consideration will be given to ensure minimal disruption to the water supply in the affected areas. The City regrets any inconvenience caused. These operations are part of our efforts to preserve available water and give our dams the best chance at significant recovery over the coming rainy season.

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