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DA’S Arrogance Will Cost The Party IN 2019

Collins Ndlovu:

Cape Town: The arrogant move by the Democratic Alliance to terminate Patricia De Lille membership is like conceding an own goal, the party has been helped by the former Cape Town Mayor to govern the city.

Patricia De Lille is one of the long-serving politicians in South Africa and has helped the Democratic Alliance reduce the African National Congress (ANC) into an opposition party in the Western Cape.

This iron feast woman, who blew the whistle about corrupt elements in the Arms deal had played a pivotal role in what saw some politicians such as Tony Yengeni being jailed, Durban Businessman Schabir Shaick also being jailed.

The arrogant and ill-informed decision by the DA yesterday would be called a hands ball in the soccer match, firstly the party was helped by De Lille when they won the 2006 local government election with her then party Independent Democrat (ID).

Secondly, De Lille is got a lot of influence in the colored voters who relate to her easily than a white privileged politician. She is an all-rounder in politics and the party will be haunted by her next year general election.

This own goal is very similar of the one made by the ANC in 2012 to expel Julius Malema who then formed his own party Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and has haunted the party in local and national elections in 2014 and 2016 respectively.

Today the ANC is an opposition party in Metros that used to enjoy strong support, they have lost Nelson Mandela Bay, Tswhane, and Johannesburg to the DA.

This phenomenal is likely to cost the DA particularly in the Western Cape where De Lille enjoys a lot of support from the colored and black voters.

The DA is likely to suffer a huge electoral decline in the Western Cape Province in 2019, the reality is that De Lille will still influence the outcome of the elections.

This can be viewed in this way, even if De Lille can reopen her own party or she joins another party she will play a significant role in who will govern the Western Cape Province.

She has demonstrated over the years when she left Pan African Congress (PAC) which used to be vibrant during her tenure and it vanished when she left the party to start ID.

The DA like the ANC  is currently fighting internal battles while losing focus on key issues of development and strategies to campaign for next year general elections.

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