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Things That Online Dating Newbies Should Know

Make sure to choose the right site

Before you even consider online dating, one of the first things you should do is to make sure you’re aware of what you want.

This will help you choose the best online dating platform for your intentions. While all platforms cater to most people, some services are better than others at encouraging certain types of connections.

For example, eHarmony and Match pride themselves on helping their users find serious relationships, while options like OkCupid tend to be fairly versatile, depending on how a dater uses the site. For example, OKCupid’s extensive profile matching allows users to look for more serious matches if they want to, while still giving them the freedom to seek something more casual if that’s what they prefer.

Don’t be too eager

Online dating newbies may be excited to get things started, but they should make sure they don’t appear too eager, as it may scare off potential matches. Regardless of how detailed your profile is, how nice your pictures look or how high your match percentages are with potential interests, you are not guaranteed success.

Even if you do find a match online, you should know that the online interaction may be short-lived. With that in mind, it’s best to send out messages with no firm expectations, and if you don’t hear back from someone within three to four days, you should move on

Focus on the hard-hitting details when messaging someone

Sending the first message can be something that online dating newbies really struggle with. One piece of advice most online daters get is to make sure that they read the profiles of the people they’re interested in and include this content in their messages.

This is solid advice, but it comes with some caveats. First, it’s important that you don’t simply go down the line off-handedly mentioning every detail of someone’s profile. In fact, it’s probably best you don’t touch on everything someone mentions in their profile, especially if it’s a very thorough profile, as doing so will make you come across as insincere.

Be transparent

One of the difficulties of dating is knowing what your date’s expectations are. Are they looking for something casual? Are they planning a date with you because they like you or they’re just looking for something fun to do? This uncertainty is exacerbated online when communicating with text, as it’s not always easy to interpret someone’s tone or intentions.

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