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Private Sector Threat To Ramaphosa’s Objectives

Collins Ndlovu;

Johannesburg: President Cyril Ramphosa new dawn set to fail amid resistance from the private sector, the corporate has shown lack of political willingness when it comes to the transformation of the young black unemployed population.

Despite efforts to try to get 100 billion dollar investment in the next five years, Ramaphosa is likely to fail when it comes to issuing of unemployment in the country.

The South African corporate sector is largely white and male-dominated, they have demonstrated their resistance to change by looking at high-income inequality.

White people still earn more than black people in the private sector, it also does not employ as many black people into the workplace and also deprives them of executives positions.

When one looks at the high number of unemployed graduates and unskilled people is much higher on the black people that it is on white people.

These corporates fear change and also the transforming of people’s lives, most blacks that finish schools do not find work due to lack of willingness to accommodate and train these disadvantaged group.

Since 1994 the unemployment rate is growing among black people and a government effort to try to curb it has been undermined by the private sector.

Most established white-owned companies make it difficult for emerging black businesses to participate as they gatekeep within the industry.

Last year alone, many black companies closed due to lack of access to the market which in turn leads to many job losses.

The private sector, particularly the well-established companies should play a “big brother “ role in ensuring that they provide assistance, mentorship in fields such as project management, financial management, and marketing.

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