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Soweto Rocked By Protest Over Service Delivery

Johannesburg: Security measures have been beefed up in Soweto after a protest over service delivery erupted in the early hours of  Wednesday morning.

Residents in Eldorado Park took it to the streets to voice their frustration and barricading roads with rocks and burning tyres.

It is understood that community members were demonstrating against pre-paid electricity and are demanding decent housing.

“They are protesting because of the promises that were made. They are demanding land and decent housing, jobs and pre-paid electricity… These issues are not new. The state responded by allocating 48,000 stands to the Johannesburg south community,” said the Gauteng Civics Association’s Thami Hukwe.

A high presence of police were deployed to monitor the strike after, residents in Freedom Park, intensified the protest.

According to reports the protest started early on Wednesday morning in parts of Soweto, Eldorado Park, and Lenasia and is now spreading to other nearby communities.

Residents are demanding housing and land, which they say government promised them last year.

Small business in the area were forced to close down, some shop owners says that they had fear that protesters might loot their shops.

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