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Makhosi khoza Resign From Politics

Collins Ndlovu: 

Johannesburg: Despite the launch of her new party last year December, Dr. Makhosi Khoza a former ANC member of parliament has resigned from politics which she posted on her Facebook timeline on last weekend.

Dr. Makhosi Khoza, who famously resigned from the African National Congress (ANC) to start her own party in 2017, has announced that she is retiring from politics altogether.

During her time in the ruling party, she was the biggest critic of former President Jacob Zuma and she played a huge role in the inquiry into the state-owned enterprise as she was the chairperson.

Khoza who was a vocal opponent of Jacob Zuma, left the ANC  to form the African Democratic Change (ADec) last year.

Some analysts say that she will be remembered for the role she played in the SABC inquiry where she grilled former Communication Minister Faith Muthambi.

She then left the ANC amid speculation of a negative campaign by some committee members in parliament after 35 years of service in the party.

It looks like the political challenges followed her in the new party ADec as leadership battle boiled up with some wanting to topple her for a higher position.

She further stated, “ I have always wanted to put my postgraduate qualifications, especially my doctoral degree in Quality Management Principles and systems (QMPS) in developmental local governance and extensive experience in local government,”.

She continues to say “my son and I have decided to join forces in the elevation of black African languages in South Africa”.

She wished the ADec well and said that she hopes that it would continue its “Politics Unusual” concept and commitment to the total emancipation of women, loyalty to the South African citizens and ensuring that all times it is grounded in moral and ethical leadership,”.

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