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10 Tips to Protect Yourself From Cyberstalking

Below are some useful tips for avoiding being targeted:

1 When engaging in online dating sites, do not divulge your last name or phone number until after you have met in person.

2 If your partner is a recovering sex/love addict or codependent, have an open conversation about the boundaries you are putting in place and choose to not share your password.

3 Set a reminder every 30 – 45 days to change your password for every online site, including your voicemail, email, Facebook, and all other password-protected online sites.

4 If an online site offers to generate a password for you – accept it, we are much more likely to create traceable passwords than an algorithm.

5 Only accept friend requests from people whom you have met in person.

6 Don’t respond to a private message on any social media platform if you do not know the sender.

7 Set your security settings on Facebook, to limit the ability of people other than friends to post on your wall.

8 You can easily block anyone who exhibits suspicious behavior on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

9 Don’t share specific details about your whereabouts or unnecessary identifiable information about yourself on any social media platforms.

10 If anyone takes a photo or video of you to upload to the Internet, you are well within your rights to tell them to stop.

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