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Zuma’s Political Battle Gains Drive

Collins Ndlovu: 

The battle for survival by former President Jacob Zuma is far from over as the (NPA) has reinstated his charges for corruption and he is due to appear in court on 6th April 2018.

Just a day after President Cyril Ramaphosa has addressed congregants in Kwazulu Natal over the Easter holiday, former President Jacob Zuma also visited the same church.

This has seen various people within and outside the (ANC) African National Congress pledging their support for Zuma as some promised to go to court during the proceedings.

The recent visit to the Durban church where Ramaphosa addressed the congregation on Good Friday can be viewed as campaigning by Zuma.

This can be substantiated by Zuma’s utterances that “our people are free but I’m not”, some argue that he is trying to lure sympathy particularly in the Kwazulu Natal province that has been with him since his Rape trial.

He urged the church to pray for politicians and the upcoming general elections in 2019, as some interpreted Zuma’s statements as someone who is bitter and feel alienated.

Some analysts argue that Zuma may try to revive his political career by forming a political party and based much in Kwazulu Natal which can have a negative effect on the performance of the ANC while others argue that he is trying to hold the ruling party ransom to bolster support.

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