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Axing Of Patricia De Lille Sparks Political Discourse

The axing of Patricia De Lille as member of Democratic Alliance (DA) and mayor of the City of Cape Town sparks political discourse. On Tuesday the DA federal executive announced that the party has withdrown Patricia De Lille   as a member of DA amid allegations of curruption and misconduct. While, some political analysts argues that […]

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The ANC No Longer Represents The Poor

Collins Ndlovu: Johannesburg: Despite being the ruling party in government, The (ANC) African National Congress, has lost its founding principles of representing the majority of poverty-stricken black people. The class of project 1996 of Thabo Mbeki of privatization has given birth not only to the country but also to the elites in the ruling party. […]

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Ramaphosa’s Focus Should Be Economic Transformation

Collins Ndlovu: Johannesburg: Despite winning the African National Congress (ANC) December elective conference with a small margin, Cyril Ramaphosa should priorities transformation as a way to revive the economy. The South African economy has experienced decline since the global financial meltdown of 2008, whereby it was the time that most countries were affected especially on […]

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Zuma’s Supporters Defied Party Instruction

Collins Ndlovu: Johannesburg: Despite the instruction from African National Congress (ANC)  to party members who are supporting former president Jacob Zuma not to wear the party regalia, there were a number of people who were dressed in green, gold and black t-shirts including Edward Zuma. last week Friday saw the former president Jacob Zuma made […]