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Retrenchments should be last resort, Cabinet pleads

Cabinet has appealed to employers across industries, especially mining and media, to avoid job losses and only effect retrenchments as a last resort. “We reiterate our appeal to business to consider retrenchment only as a last resort, and to explore other available and innovative ways to sustain jobs. “Government continues to partner with business and […]

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Ekurhuleni roots out illegal power connections

The City of Ekurhuleni has decluttered illegally connected cables at Dukathole informal settlement in Germiston to reduce the burden on its electricity network. The power cables, mostly running underground, were removed in the early hours of Tuesday by a multi-disciplinary operation led by the City’s Energy Department and Ekurhuleni Metro Police. The operation was to […]

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Land expropriation requires confrontation of past injustices

President Cyril Ramaphosa says the proposal of land expropriation without compensation to drive land redistribution has ignited a vigorous and welcomed debate. “It has required that we confront the injustices of the past. It means that we must expand the basket of agricultural support services available to both established and emerging farmers.” President Ramaphosa was […]