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DA assured that prosecution of alleged PT School rapist as being pursued

The NPA in Vosloorus has confirmed to the DA that criminal charges have been laid against eight members of the Vision of Christ Church who allegedly tried to silence the PT Xulu rape victim.

The members allegedly tried to make a rape charge against their Pastor disappear and reportedly did so by forcing the alleged victim to record a video withdrawing the original allegations he made to the police.

In a detailed briefing to both myself and Muzi Brian Ngada, DA PR Councillor for Wards 44 and 47, the NPA also confirmed that charges have not been dropped against the alleged perpetrator as was thought by worried members of the community.

Two weeks ago the community was shocked to find that a 16 year-old schoolboy was allegedly raped by a member of the PT Xulu School Governing Body (SGB) who is also a local Pastor at the Vision of Christ Church in Vosloorus, East of Johannesburg. The Pastor in question also reportedly bought the boy a cellphone while monitoring him as he attended school.

The boy’s parents laid charges against the Pastor who was briefly arrested then released.

Community members expressed concern that the alleged perpetrator was freed. Rumours began to circulate suggesting that there had been irregularities concerning the alleged perpetrator’s release.

However, the DA has been assured that:

a) the alleged perpetrator was not released on bail, but simply released because the case had not yet been enrolled; and

b) the case has not been dropped at all and is being pursued vigorously by the NPA.

The boy’s family have been fully briefed on all aspects of the case and will continue to be briefed by the NPA as it progresses. We urge the NPA to act swiftly in both these cases so that the alleged victim, his family and the Vosloorus community can have closure and justice is done.

We commend this young man for speaking up despite those who tried to silence him. It is difficult enough for victims of crime to get access to justice without undue interference.

The DA respects the rule of law and we want to see the investigation into the alleged rape of the learner to run its course. We will follow it every step of the way.

We remain concerned, however, that there may be other victims of abuse of this sort in the school or the Church community, and urge people to come forward if they have experienced sexual molestation of any sort.

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