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ANC and Ramaphosa obligated to act on Zuma’s corruption claims by Refiloe Nt’sheke – DA National Spokesperson

The ANC’s silence around former President Jacob Zuma’s repeated claim about knowing those individuals who are corrupt is deafening. If the ANC was serious about combatting corruption, they would have long called on Zuma to come forward with these names; as he is both morally and legally obligated to do so.

Recent comments made by Zuma only shows that the ANC seemingly continues to condone corruption. Despite new leadership, the ANC remains the same.

Zuma told supporters last week that “I kept quiet when I was president of the country, I no longer have that responsibility… and I want to warn them, they must keep quiet … I have things to say about their organisations, they must not provoke me.”

If Zuma knows of corrupt activities and fails to report it to police, he is in violation of section 34 (1) of the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act which requires that “any person who holds a position of authority and who knows or ought to reasonably to have suspected that any other person has committed [an act of corruption]” has a duty to report it.

This speaks volumes of the moral decay that continues to fester at the heart of the ANC.

Ethical leadership has ceased to exist in the ANC to such an extent that its leaders condone corruption as long as it serves their political self-interest.

The ANC has shown time and time again that it is unable to get rid of corruption in its ranks. It has become part of its DNA and the only cure available will be for South Africans to vote the ANC out in the 2019 general elections.

Where we govern, we have committed to stopping corruption, however uncomfortable that sometimes is, and where it rears its ugly head we act on it immediately. We do this because acts of corruption steal opportunities from the people, especially the poor.

In 2019 South Africa can rid themselves of ANC corruption which continues to deny South African a better life and vote for change led by the DA, which puts the people first and delivers to all.

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