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Online Application Process For Gauteng Schools Reaches Final Segment

Gauteng: The Gauteng Department of Education says Parents of Grade 1 and 8 pupils in Gauteng have until midnight to apply online to secure space for their children.
The department state has urged parents to utilize the online application process to avoid late applications, saying those who did not partake on the process are running the risk of having their children out of school in January 2019.
Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi reiterates that late application will be decline to avoid congestion in numerous schools.
“We are indebted to all parents who have heeded to our call and applied in numbers. The response from the public was indeed overwhelming. We encourage those that have applied to conform to the stipulated deadline,” said Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi.
A total of 535 064 applications have been processed since the start of the online applications on 16 April 2018. Of these applications, 251 808 applications were for Grade 1 and 283 256 for Grade 8.
“Most of these are self-applications by parents that utilized the system. Approximately 18 000 parents utilized the 37 decentralized admission centers for assistance to apply on online,” says the department.
Parents were urged to submit the required documents at schools urgently.
According to the department, Schools will accept documents only up to 14:00 on 5 June 2018. Failure to submit documents will lead to applicants forfeiting their positions in the queue.
The department says while most of the decentralized admission centers were flooded on the first day of applications, the application period proceeded relatively free of errors.
Based on the number of applications registered to date, there are 596 schools where demand exceeds available spaces. Some of the schools in these areas have recorded between 1 538 and 1 960 applications for either Grade 1 or Grade 8.
“There are 385 schools with less than 50 applications, 79 schools with less than 20 applications, and 69 schools with less than 10 applications. These schools are all located in townships.
“It is concerning that in the last two years many parents in townships waited for the late application period and flooded GDE offices in January to apply for their children,” said the department.

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