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DA Denies Rumours Of Split Ahead Of 2019 Election.

Gauteng: The Democratic Alliance denies a report by a Sunday paper that a breakaway group of the party held a secret meeting and insists there will be no splitter party ahead of 2019 general election.
This follows a report in the City Press on Sunday that at least five senior leaders are angry about the direction the DA is heading under Mmusi Maimane. DA has been holding consultations on starting a new “true liberal party” with former leader Helen Zille at the helm.
DA Federal chairwoman Refiloe Ntsheke has denied this, claiming that since the congress earlier in 2018, the party was more united than ever.
“what you see in the DA, which is beautiful, is that we are a liberal organization people are encouraged to have debates and challenge each other on different positions around different policies going to elections, said Ntsheke.
City Press quoted SA Institute of Race Relations CEO Frans Cronje as confirming that he had been approached for advice on how to go about forming the new party.
He said there already been three meetings with “like-minded people”, including the formation of sympathetic to the cause.
However, Ntsheke said the DA met Cronje regularly, he attended a Gauteng caucus meeting last week, and it was not uncommon for the party to have meetings with civil society organizations.
Cronje referred to the recent revelations by City Press as “broader meetings of the liberal community” and took place over the past three or so years.

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