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Tom Moyane faces 12 charges of alleged wrongdoing in violation of his responsibilities interrelated to his supervision of accusations against Jonas Makwakwa, making unlawful bonus payments, misleading Parliament and instructing a SARS official not to cooperate with an inquiry by audit firm KPMG. Tom Moyane had requested the president Cyril Ramaphosa to support that he be remunerated for the outstanding 18 months of his contract plus bonuses as a settlement that would see him vacate office. President Cyril Ramaphosa has rejected a request. First and foremost, Cyril Ramaphosa had offered Tom Moyane six months’ salary instead of his resignation. This was later increased to a full year’s salary as part of the settlement agreement, but Tom Moyane rejected this offer and threatened legal action. Cyril Ramaphosa is now unbending that Tom Moyane has a case to answer. Cyril Ramaphosa has suspended Tom Moyane and set up a commission of inquiry into his fitness to hold office. Cyril Ramaphosa has also rejected a demand that the government must pay for Moyane’s defence in the disciplinary inquiry. President Cyril Ramaphosa suspended Tom Moyane in March awaiting a disciplinary commission of inquiry headed by retired Judge Kate O’Regan.

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