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Malema Vows To Make PAP Vibrant

Collins Ndlovu:

Midrand: After being sworn in Julius Malema vows to make the Pan African Parliament (PAP) vibrant, he further said the house needed more people that will create institutional memory and renewal.

The new members of PAP have committed to assisting in strengthening the role its play in the 55  African Union member states it represents.

When interviewed by the journalist from the public broadcaster, Julius Malema did not mince his words “the parliament need young people to participate and realize the objectives”.

“He further said that vision 2063 is unrealistic as it needs to push for change and creat institutional memory”

He also said, “ if people are coming from all over the continent to do shopping and for holiday, that time is long gone and the parliament needs to sharpen its teeth”.

He continued to say “most  African States do not adhere to principles of democracy, they do not respect democratic outcomes, there’s lots of corruption, institutionalized corruption and other unacceptable conducts that are done in many countries but PAP  cant interevene because it doesn’t have teeth,” said Malema.

He also complain about the parliament being made up of the older people,”the majority of African Parliament is constituted by old ages and it’s unacceptable.

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