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The ANC No Longer Represents The Poor

Collins Ndlovu:

Johannesburg: Despite being the ruling party in government, The (ANC) African National Congress, has lost its founding principles of representing the majority of poverty-stricken black people.

The class of project 1996 of Thabo Mbeki of privatization has given birth not only to the country but also to the elites in the ruling party.

The tender system has almost collapsed the government amid allegation of tender rigging, corruption, maladministration, and nepotism, and has resulted in failure to deliver basic services to the people.

The new class has emerged in ruling party where corruption has reached the branches, there are high levels of political killings in Kwazulu Natal for councilors termed as “bread and butter “ politics.

The ruling party is concerned with keeping the apartheid legacy as they dominate boards of most companies and have shares in many multilateral corporations.

The co-option of the black elites mostly former struggle fighters has undermined the course of the fight of liberating many black people that are faced with unemployment and lack of hope.

The ruling party no longer elect leaders based on their credibility and leadership style an individual possess, but on what they would give back on those who supported them prior to the election.

This is evident on the leadership race of the ANC that have seen a lot of corruption being reported, some analysts argue that it is no longer branches who elect leaders but business people who are interested in tenders.

The ruling party has been labeled as “gravy train” as it is seen as a vehicle to access state money and also the position of power to influence the decision in the way of the new principals.

The ANC no longer share the vision of liberating black people as it is captured by the market, this is evident in every sector of the economy where many former freedom fighters are involved.

The South African government has become a corrupt cartel of the elected ANC members who are fighting those who oppose them as they are alleged to be involved in corruption.

The justice system has become a political ground as it takes instructions from the political principals, who have powers to appoint and remove.

The constitution of the country has been undermined by the lawmakers who use everything to make things work in their favour, the recent case involving the Guptas and some ministers are still haunting the justice system.

Some argue that even the newly elected President Cyril Ramaphosa will not arrest his comrades in the ANC who are alleged to be involved in corrupt activities, as he does not command full support of the National Executive.

Lastly, the ANC has become a follower of EFF when it comes to policy direction, where they have recently adopted Land Expropriation Without Compensation proposed by Julius Malema.

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