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Ebrahim Patel Must Step Up

Collins Ndlovu:

Johannesburg: The ministry of economic development is a cornerstone of every country that seeks to advance the needs of its population, but in the case of Ebrahim Patel is another story as he is quiet.

When the government economic cluster is quite at times like this where the president is talking about reviving an economy that’s has been crippled under Jacob Zuma’s tenure.

The minister of Economic Development Ebrahim Patel is nowhere to be seen as this is the cluster that is supposed to be on the forefront of outlining measures and strategies on how it will boost the economic growth.

One may argue if the minister is overshadowed because of his lack of understanding, or is he appointed on the basis of balancing race as required by the ruling party.

In other countries, the economic development department plays a pivotal role, ensuring that it championed every development dialogue and have strategies in place.

In the case of minister Patel, one may ask a question of capacity and knowledge for him to execute his executive duties, as prescribed in the ministerial handbook.

During Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki era, the economic development ministry was the one on the forefront of key government projects and always striving to create an enabling environment for investment.

This department is the one that failed to exercise oversight during state capture by the Guptas and also corruption in many state entities, this can be seen that Patel is a compromised man for the position.

In the next cabinet reshuffle Patel deserves to be booted out as he fails to deliver on the mandate of the department, he continues to fail the needy and impoverished people of this rainbow nation.

The minister of economic development should champion massive job creation, create an enabling environment for investment and growth in the economy.

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