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The Unity OF African States Is Key To Development

Collins Ndlovu:

Johannesburg: Africa is a home to natural resources and its fertile soil that is for agricultural purposes, the continent rich in minerals and its growing population is a positive sign of development.

The African continent is a home to a young growing population where most are youth from ages of 15 to 35 but are faced with challenges of unemployment and political instability.

Since the day of African democracies, history has demonstrated that they are accompanied by reports of corruption, nepotism, and also killing of opposition leaders as well as the marginalization of minority ethnic groups.

The African Union and regional bodies have demonstrated to play politics of brotherhood, this can be seen whereby dictators stay longer as country’s leaders than prescribed by the constitution.

The failure by the African Union to deal with dictators and force countries to uphold and comply with constitutional requirements has failed many people.

Most African states need to have electoral reforms to make sure they have regular free, fair and corrupt free elections, as at the moment most countries are still faced with such challenges.

One can argue that if all African states can have political stability, vibrant democracies in place, and uphold the constitution as the supreme law of the country.

The upholding of the constitution and war-free countries can help the continent to achieve the unity is needed to promote the economic and social welfare of its young population.

The continent is still far behind in terms of infrastructure development, especially on the railway line that can connect the entire continent which enables states to trade without any logistical problem.

The continent needs one voice that will represent its concerns in the (WTO) World Trade Organization and other trade negotiations.

This unity will enable the continent to have its own currency that will be used in every member state and remove trade tariffs.

The need to remove borders can be achieved once the continent has experienced political stability and rule of law reigns supreme.

The challenge is that, with the current political landscape in most of the countries continent where dictators and murderers are still in a position of power where opposition leaders disappear without a trace.

The African Union needs to redefine itself and also (ECOWAS)Economic  Community of the West States that have 15 member states to work together to curb the political intolerance in most countries.

The (SADC) Southern African Development Countries needs to take charge as it is regarded as the most progressive region, this can be championed by South Africa, Senegal, and Nigeria in the late 1990s and early 2000.

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