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SAFTU Calls For An End ON Nationwide Bus Strike

Johannesburg: The South African Federation of Trade Unions (SAFTU) has called for an end on nationwide bus strike, saying the public should put pressure on employers.

The strike has entered its third week, after both the union and employees failed to reach a solid agreement.

It is understood that the protest is set to persist on Wednesday as employees’ vows to embark on

nationwide strike.

Bus companies are offering an 8% salary increase for the first year and 8.5 eight percent for the second year.

Workers are demanding a 9.5 percent hike. They also want night shift allowances and medical aid.

Reports say the outcomes of negotiations process over wage increment is set for Thursday.

However, bus employers say they are still open to negotiations in a bid to end the industrial action.

Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant says she’s hopeful that the labour dispute between bus employers and unions will be resolved soon.

“There was only one issue that was outstanding but I believe that they will be able to resolve it, “says Oliphant.

Employers insist the sector cannot afford an increase that is higher than 8.5%.

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