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Nigerian President Buhari Meets Trump

Collins Ndlovu:Washington:  President Muhammadu Buhari paid a state visit to the USA, the reasons for visit included talks for renewed bilateral trade and security in Nigeria against Boko Haram.

The Nigerian President is the first leader from Sub-Saharan African countries to be invited for talks with the Trump administration.

Muhammadu Buhari sidestepped a reporter’s question about  Mr. Trump’s alleged use of the term”shitholes” to describe certain developing countries during a media briefing.

Buhari further stated that  “we have had serious problems with Christians who have been murdered” by extremist Islamic group Boko Haram and pledge the United States for assistance.

Trump promised that “ we are going to work  on that problem and working on that problem  very, very hard”

Trump continues to say “ he hoped  the Nigerian authorities  would “protect  innocent civilians  of all faiths,  including Muslims and including Christians.”

It is reported that in the past United States government has refused to sell military aircraft to Nigeria, citing human rights violation.

Trump also said he hoped Nigeria would remove trade barriers to allow imports of American agricultural produce.

There is a contentious issue as Nigerian government has been trying to develop its own agricultural sector as it seeks to deal with mass unemployment and economy reliant on oil.

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