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De Lille Continues To Fight Despite Outcome Of Motion

Johannesburg: The Democratic Alliance(DA)’s Cape Town Mayor Patricia De Lille says she’s ready to fight to retain her position despite a defeat during a motion of no confidence vote against her.

The DA Caucus in the City of Cape Town has backed a motion of no confidence tabled against Mayor Patricia on Wednesday.

It has been reported that majority of DA’s City caucus voted in favour of a motion in efforts to remove De Lille from office.

The party says it expects her to provide reasons why she should keep her job.

This comes after allegations of corruptions where brought into the books of the party after she was alleged to be involved in bribery, and attended a memorial service of the late African National Congress(ANC) Stalwarts Winnie Madikizela-Mandela organised by the Economic Freedom Fighter(EFF) which resulted in the motion of no confidence.

While some political analysts argue that the actions shown by the City Mayor declare that she’s no longer a member of the DA.

Mayor De Lille says that last night’s outcome came as no surprise.

“They brought up a whole lot of old stuff and definitions and whatever the case may be. I made notes of all of that and the next step now is that I’ve to go make my presentation to the federal executive,” says De Lille.

With 70% of the councilors in the caucus expressed that they have lost confidence in DeLille’s leadership.

FedEx says on Thursday it will provide the Mayor with an opportunity to make submissions as to why she should not step down.

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