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Ethiopia’s Waste To Energy Plant Is A First In Africa

Collins Ndlovu: 

Addis Ababa: For half a century, Koshe dump site has been the only landfill in Addis Ababa, as the city has expanded the landfill-which used to lie on the outskirts of the Ethiopian capital now, has become African first waste to energy plant.

Early in 2017, the landslide d on the dump has been reportedly killed over 114 people, prompting the government to declare three days of mourning. But the new waste to energy plant is set to transform the site and revolutionize the entire city‘s approach to dealing with waste.

According to reports, Reppie waste to energy facility is said to have started operating in January, will take off 80 %  of the city’s waste;  that would be an incarnation of about 1,400 tons of waste every day. As a result, it will fulfill up to 30 % of Addis household electricity needs and will also meet European standards on air missions.

Zerubbabel Getachew , the deputy permanent representative of Ethiopia, said to the United  Nations in Nairobi that the Reppie project is part of a broader strategy of Ethiopia to deal with pollution and generate sustainable energy across all sectors of the economy.

Getachew further indicated that the government of Ethiopia is hopeful that this project will serve as a model for other regions in the country as well as many others around the world.

In energy from waste plants, waste is incinerated in a combustion chamber which produces heat that boils the water until it turns into steam. That steam is then used to fuel a turbine generator that generates electricity.

These facilities are ideal in cities where land is in short supply, as they reduce the release of methane into the atmosphere, prevent the release of toxic chemicals into the groundwater, save precious space and generate electricity.



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