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SACP Condemns Mass Shooting By Israeli Soldiers

Johannesburg: The South African Communist Party (SACP) has condemned the killing of 30 unarmed Palestinians by Israeli snipers, saying the apartheid regime of Israel should be held accountable.

The SACP has accused Israel of violating international law with the complete exemption.

A statement issued by the SACP states that: “The apartheid regime of Israel is protected by imperial powers, and United States in the main. However, there is another power, the power of progressive governments and peace-loving people across the world that can hold Israel accountable, “says SACP.

This comes days after Israeli snipers allegedly shot and killed over 30 unarmed Palestinians and injured more than 1 500, including journalists and teenagers.

The SACP says the Party will be joining other civil society formations in the mass protests and other actions in solidarity with the Palestinians #GreatReturnMarch.

The federation reiterated that South African position in political resolution should be well served.

“South Africa’s position should be clear: on the streets, in our political resolutions, and in government! The time for statements is over, and the time for action is well overdue, “says SACP.

The SACP has welcomed the resolution by its alliance partner the African National Congress ( ANC), to “immediately and unconditionally downgrade the South African embassy in Israel to a liaison office”.

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