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Zim Opposition Leaders Push Mnangagwa For Electoral Reforms

Collins Ndlovu: 

Johannesburg: Just months before the much-anticipated elections in Zimbabwe expected in August takes place, opposition parties are pushing President Eammerson Mnangagwa for electoral reforms as they believe it would provide free and fair elections.

The leader of Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Nelson Chamisa illustrated that his party would not allow President Emmerson Mnangagwa to run an election if it was not content with reforms.

This comes after years of speculation that Zimbabwean voters roll consists of dead voters and the ruling party Zanu Pf has manipulated votes in its favor during the 37 years rule of former leader Robert Mugabe.

The opposition presidential candidate went on to say that Zec (Zimbabwe Electoral Commission) consists of people with close ties with the military and also questionable characters that can undermine the legitimacy of the elections.

Chamisa went on to say that “we have done a forensic audit of who does what in Zec and most secretariats are from the military that is aligned with president Mnangagwa,” he says.

The party also expressed they will continue to fight for credibility in the commission and also ensures that voters roll is taken for review to remove ghost voters.

The recent visit to the United States and the United Kingdom by Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa to try to amend trade relations with these two powerhouses was seen as a positive sign.

Despite Chinamasa visit, both countries expressed concerns over the much-anticipated elections as they urged Zimbabwe to hold free, fair and credible elections and the country also promised to open doors for international observers.

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