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Biker left In Critical Condition After Collision

Johannesburg: A collision between a motorbike and bakkie, towing a trailer, in Moreleta Park, north of Johannesburg has left a 40-year- old man in a critical condition.

It is has been reported that paramedics found a motorbike lying next to the bakkie and trailer, parked in the right-hand lane. The biker was found lying next to the trailer.

According to African News Agency (ANA), the biker was allegedly pulled from beneath the trailer by members of the community.

Paramedics assessed the man and found that he had sustained numerous injuries, leaving him in a critical condition.

Treatment and advanced life support interventions were immediately initiated, in an effort to stabilize the patient’s vital signs.

Once treated, the man was transported by another service to a nearby private hospital for urgent treatment.

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