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Botswana New President Sworn In Over The Weekend

Collins Ndlovu:

The (SADC) South African Development Countries are experiencing a new breed of leadership with Zimbabwe, South Africa and now Botswana as President Mokgweetsi Masisi was sworn in over the weekend.

The leadership change in government in the Botswana government has been welcomed by many who have become dissatisfied with former President Ian Khama’s that was viewed as an authoritarian rule.

The newly elected president Masisi is the opposite of Khama who has charisma and also criticized for his economic policies that were focusing much on diamond export. There is a view that Masisi will increase the votes for the ruling party Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) in the general election due to take place in October 2019.

President Masisi is regarded as highly educated and remote person, but some analysts argue that he faces tough challenges of reviving an ailing economy and also faces opposition from infrastructure minister Nonofho Molefhi whom he defeated last year on party’s elective conference.

The challenge of being not having strong support from his party could also hamper his policy implementation and faced strong opposition from inside government and party.

This can be seen by 2016 reports from Transparency International and Moody Rating Agencies that corruption and lack of oversight on government spending grew under his former President Ian Khama administration.





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