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USA and Other European Countries expel Russian Diplomats

Collins Ndlovu

Just a week ago the United Kingdom decided to expel all 23 Russian Diplomats and close its consulate in Kremlin which has resulted in other countries doing the same since the poisoning of former Russian Spy and his daughter in London.

On Monday the United States, European countries expelled more than 100 Russian Diplomats in response to Russia’s alleged use of banned chemicals to poison a former Russian spy living in the United Kingdom.

This has angered many countries particularly those who are fighting against Russian President Vladimir Putin based on his international reputation that has been in the public domain. The first factor is that Putin supports the regime in Syria where many people have lost their lives since the war has started in 2011.

The Putin administration has been under much criticism on how it deals with opposition leaders with the death of former opposition leader Boris Nemtsov in 2015, it was alleged that the government played a role in the killing as it was believed he had a dossier that would have caused discomfort for the regime.

Since Putin took over in 1999 he had helped the country’s economy to grow and created over 110 Billionaires and the country is rich in Oil reserve and Gas, but his success has been hampered since 2014 with stagnant economy and recession that have caused an enormous uproar from the people.

It is not clear whether other trading partners will follow the suit of expelling Russian Diplomats and close their consulate to show solidarity, while some scholars argue it is unlikely as some trading partners rely on the Putin ’s regime for financial and military support.



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