#2018 Saftas Highlights

South African film and television stars were celebrated and honoured at the 12th annual Saftas ceremony held at Sun City.

The two-night affair kicked off on 22 March and concluded yesterday, 24 March.

This year, the theme for the awards was ‘Our Stories Are Gold’ in honour of ‘those who have captured our hearts, minds and imaginations through the telling of our unique stories.’

There was a total of 348 entries, with 79 awards being handed out in the various categories, Some were life achievements awards that were sign of appreciation to actors who have been in the industry over four decades.

The awards were filled with joy with the newcomer drama series that plays on SABC1 every Sunday “tjovitjo” that has won several awards.

The success of Tjovitjo was seen by the training and availability of funding that was invested in the production which producers and creators describe as a milestone in the television industry.

The awards also highlighted and appreciated the new local talents that it has produced which have demonstrated the growth of the industry


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